FarmLogix: Supporting Family Farms Everywhere

Founded as a CSA fundraiser in 2013, FarmLogix has since grown into a nationwide platform that connects local farms to large food suppliers. Nourishing our bodies while honoring our planet requires us to be transparent about where our ingredients come from. The FarmLogix technology allows Harvest Table to track an ingredient from the farmer’s field or an artisan kitchen to our guest’s plate.

Working with over 450 family-run farms, ranging in size from three to 300 acres, the FarmLogix technology platform provides our chefs with the ability to identify and purchase local ingredients and to easily provide purchasing reports based on a number of sustainable-sourcing criteria. In addition–and more importantly–we now are able to help local farms forecast the following year’s crops based on purchasing volumes.

This ability to connect with such a large network of family-run farms helps us continue to develop innovative menus and feature ingredients that are fresh, sustainable, and in-season. By making this commitment to local, independent farms, we help them thrive, and likewise, they enable us to provide unmatched quality and unprecedented transparency regarding the sourcing of our ingredients. That’s what we call a win-win.

Learn more on the FarmLogix website.