Our fresh, vibrant, responsibly-sourced food
features exciting flavors from down the street and around the globe.

We bring our food-first philosophy to life through our culinary commitments, sourcing standards, and kitchen standards.

Our Culinary Commitments

Our chefs are not just cooks proficient in technique and flavor development–they are educators, environmental stewards, wellness advocates, and innovators. They place Harvest Table’s culinary commitments front and center as pantry lists of ingredients and recipe collections are developed to serve guests at each of our unique locations.

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We start with simple, clean ingredients.

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We are committed to the communities we serve.

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We serve meals made fresh daily.

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We believe wellbeing is universal.

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We care about where our food comes from.


Our culinary teams work with only high-quality ingredients, responsibly-sourced and carefully chosen to bring out their individual flavors.


At Harvest Table, we don’t just serve the community– we become a part of it. Food has a story, and central to that story is the impact we make through local relationships, partnerships, and collaborations that we’ve worked hard to bring to life.

Our Standards

  • Our chefs strive to ensure that more than 20% of our ingredients are grown, harvested, or produced within 150 miles of our restaurants.
  • Our team utilizes proprietary technology with FarmLogix to plan orders with local farmers, help them forecast the following year’s crop needs, and provide purchasing reports to our local teams.

Animal Welfare

We care where our food comes from. How the animals we eat are raised is important. The animal welfare standards we expect our partners to adhere to are central to our sourcing practices.

Our Standards

  • Our beef is humanely-raised, Global Animal Partnership Step 4 (or above) certified, and never given antibiotics or artificial hormones.
  • Our chicken and turkey are Certified Humane or Global Animal Partnership Step 3-5 certified, and never given antibiotics.
  • Our pork is group housed and free of gestation crate confinement.
  • Our deli meats are all-natural and free of all artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.
  • Our liquid dairy products are rBGH-free.
  • All of our eggs are cage-free.
  • Our yogurt products are organic, rBGH-free, and certified non-GMO.


Our chefs source all seafood according to the highest accepted standards.

Our Standards

  • We serve seafood rated Best Choice or Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch List.
  • Our seafood is sustainably sourced through preferred partner Sea to Table – the highest standard in wholesale seafood – whenever possible.
    • Responsibly sourced wild and farmed fish
    • Traceable, not imported
    • Domestic, not processed overseas
    • Sustainable, no antibiotics or hormones


Our chefs create seasonal recipes designed to feature the absolute best produce the region is growing.

Our Standards

  • We take full advantage of the seasonal availability of fresh, local and sustainable fruits and vegetables.
  • We serve organically grown fruits and vegetables when possible.
  • We use imperfect and misshapen produce–still perfectly delicious and nutritious–in our recipes to cut back on unnecessary waste.


Our chefs create local pantry lists in order to develop unique recipe collections that utilize the freshest regional ingredients.

Menu Development

Our chefs develop unique menus using the freshest regional pantry ingredients and serve dishes that appeal to individual palates and nutritional needs.

Our Standards

  • Menus are developed with a goal of incorporating more than 20% of ingredients grown, harvested, or produced within 150 miles of our restaurants.
  • We use local, organic, regional, and sustainable ingredients based on seasonality, quality, and availability.
  • Healthy menu options are provided and promoted to encourage choices that have a positive impact on our guests’ wellbeing.
  • Plant-forward choices are available daily, including plentiful vegetarian and vegan menus.
  • Clean label ingredients ensure that our recipes are made from nourishing whole foods.
  • Whole grain and gluten-free pasta is available daily.
  • Allergen- and gluten-free menu options are available daily.
  • Menus include ingredient, allergen, and nutritional information transparency for all items served.
  • Daily menus include choices to accommodate a number of dietary preferences.
  • Hydration stations with seasonal, fresh fruit are available daily.

Recipes &

Our recipes, using only the highest-quality ingredients, are developed by certified chefs and prepared in-house to create fresh, vibrant, and flavorful dishes.

Our Standards

  • Recipes are locally and regionally developed by our executive chefs and culinary teams.
  • Recipes are prepared in the smallest possible batches, as close to service time as possible to ensure peak flavor.
  • We feature scratch cooking at all of our locations, and meals are made fresh daily. Some of our signature scratch recipes include doughs, salad dressings, pasta sauces, globally-inspired dishes, and more.
  • House-made dressings, soups, sauces, and salsas are made fresh with all-natural ingredients.
  • We serve baked goods made fresh daily in house, or from local artisan bakers.
  • We do not use trans fats in our kitchens.
  • We do not use added MSG in the preparation of our food.


We source only the highest quality ingredients.
See our Sourcing Standards for more information.