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The Future is Farm-Forward

There’s no smoke and mirrors here. CHEF TONY PIGNAGRANDE, PCIII, CEC, CCA
Executive Chef, University of Rochester

The chefs at Harvest Table are on a mission to inspire better animal welfare practices through conscientious decision-making.

They’ve set strict standards for themselves. That means their job only ends at cooking. Before they set foot in the kitchen, they’re out meeting farmers and their families to understand the impact a purchase will have on everyone involved–including the entire geographic region.

They’ve recently been recognized by Farm Forward for their ongoing commitment to animal welfare at the colleges and universities they serve.

You hear a lot excuses—It’s too time-consuming, too expensive, there’s not enough volume. We’ve broken down the barriers. CHEF MATTHEW THOMPSON, PCIII, CEC, CCA
Chief Culinary Officer, Harvest Table Culinary Group
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Who is Farm Forward?

Farm Forward is a non-profit that promotes conscientious food choices that reduce farmed animal suffering and advance sustainable agriculture. Their Leadership Circle program encourages businesses and universities to consider animal welfare in their sourcing standards.

They want colleges and universities to think outside of big agriculture and factory farms and recognizes brands that support local economies and farmers who raise animals in higher welfare conditions.

We’re not just talking the talk. Farm Forward’s recognition is proof our commitment is working. CAM Schauf
Director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations, University of Rochester

What do they think of Harvest Table?

Harvest Table allows chefs to take the initiative when it comes to animal welfare. They’re involved in the entire process from sourcing to cooking.

Farm Forward recently recognized Harvest Table in their Leadership Circle for our commitment to source 100 percent of the beef, chicken and pork we serve from farms that carry meaningful animal welfare certifications. Animal welfare certifications ensure that our partner farmers meet rigorous standards to ensure that animals have more space, safe and enriched environments, and access to the outdoors or pasture, and are audited by a third party. The products we buy are also raised with no antibiotics, no added growth hormones and fed no animal by-products. Harvest Table was the first company to receive this outstanding recognition in three different categories.

Farm Forward applauds Harvest Table for adopting a kinder, more sustainable food policy and is pleased to support Harvest Table’s commitment to continuous improvement on these issues.

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We haven’t reached a destination, this is just a part of the journey. We’re not stopping at these 3 categories, we’ll keep looking for new ways to positively impact our community. CHEF TONY PIGNAGRANDE, PCIII, CEC, CCA
Executive Chef, University of Rochester

Making better choices when it comes to animal welfare takes a kind of passion and commitment that doesn’t come standard—especially in the higher education industry. Harvest Table chefs continue to take the time, get the education and build the relationships needed to make a positive impact on the communities they serve.

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